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Forest Adventure


Adventure Galore – Abundant and beautiful distributed thick deep forest and crisscross streams of the nilgiris will not be certainly missed by the enthusiastic tourist . Interspersed far and in between these grasslands were tall and ghostly looking tress obscured by the opaque winter mist that is so characteristic of southern india brimming with life here is a variety of species like herbivores and carnivores will provide a glimpse on many occasions . The pioneering conservation effort of the department officials and the naturalist has helped this impenetrable jungle to be the best for wildlife creatures and of course a treat for our eyes too.

S.No Places Price
1 Masinakudi & Muthumalai 7000
2 Avalanche 5000
3 Masinakudi & Bokkapura 7500
4 Deep forest speciality locations 8500



· Cost includes Transport

· Cost includes Adventure Comfort kit

· Tent stay @ Day is Optional